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20 COPD Sign and Symptoms and Know its Preventions

COPD Sign and Symptoms should be known by especially the older growing person having chest problems. Many people are confused about it. If You have difficulty in breathing and have a chest problem you are most likely to have COPD.
A person with COPD can limit your workability or even it might be difficult to do simple daily tasks.  In order to know about the sign and symptoms of COPD, you should be aware of what is COPD clearly then you can have good knowledge of it.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that is preventable and treatable and is characterized by long-term respiratory symptoms and airflow limitation.
COPD develops due to chronic inflammatory response to inhaled irritants around the environment which ultimately leads to bronchial and alveolar ( air sac )remodeling in the lung.
This airway remodeling occurs that causes the narrowing of the peripheral airway and then emphysema are responsible for the alteration of lung function. So, this COPD  is also known as a small airways disease. Now let’s know about the 20 Main COPD sign and symptoms which are listed as follows
COPD sign and symptoms
COPD sign and symptoms

Major COPD Sign and Symptoms

  1. Frequent coughing( with or without mucus)
  2. Frequent wheezing
  3. More phlegm and sputum production
  4. progressively worsens with daily activities such as walking
  5. May have acute exacerbate on cold and allergens
  6. Ccoughing or wheezing frequently
  7. Excess phlegm, mucus, or sputum production.
  8. Shortness of breath.
  9. Trouble taking a deep breath.
  10. May have confusion and memory loss
  11. May have depression and anxiety and mental condition
  12. difficult in climbing stairs
  13. Frequent infection of chest
  14. Swelling ankle, foot, and lower leg especially
  15. chest tightness and heaviness
  16. Lack of energy and unable to do activities
  17. Bluish of lips or finger nailbeds(cyanosis)
  18. Rapid heartbeat
  19. Feeling foggy and uneasy
  20. Purring of lips

Two classic COPD phenotypes ( COPD Signs)

The two most common conditions of COPD or phenotypes are: emphysema and chronic bronchitis
  • emphysema

    • Emphysema is an enlargement of airspaces (alveoli). Due to this the walls of the air sac later break down thus resulting in permanent damage to the lung tissue
  • chronic bronchitis

    • Chronic bronchitis is a condition in which there is a productive cough presented for at least three months each year for two continuous years.

Both of the above conditions (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) conditions can exist without airflow limitation, t In this sense,  they are not classed as COPD.


How COPD is diagnosed?

COPD is simply diagnosed by a breathing test method called a spirometry test.


How are COPD Sign and Symptoms  Prevented and Treated?

When You Have COPD sign and symptoms,  you should be able to take the most important steps in order to reduce them and improve your quality of life. These are the following steps and measures to be taken seriously.

  • Should Quit smoking. 
  • Avoid yourself from tobacco smoke 
  • Avoid air pollutants at home and at the workplace
  • Keep yourself warm during the cold seasons
  • Take the medicines as suggested by doctors regularly 
  • Lung Rehabilitation plans should be made 
  • Avoid lung infections as far as possible. A regular vaccine-like flu and pneumonia vaccine is to be taken. If respirator infection antibiotics may be needed
  • Supplemental oxygen may be needed if the oxygen level is low

When to see a doctor for signs and symptoms of COPD?

It will be wise to consult your doctor if the sign and symptoms of COPD  are not improving with regular treatment or it getting worse day by day.  Mostly when following mention COPD Sign and Symptoms occur, immediate medical or doctors consultation is necessary

when you  notice symptoms of an infection like fever or a change in sputum

  • Difficult in your breath,
  • experience severe blueness of your lips or fingernail beds (cyanosis)
  • rapid heartbeat,
  • if you feel foggy and have trouble concentrating


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