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How to Reduce Pregnancy Lower Back Pain ?

Pregnancy lower back pain is a common discomfort experienced by many pregnant women. Learn about the causes, remedies, and prevention strategies to alleviate this pain during pregnancy.

This type of Lower Back Pain  in prgenant time can affect the lives of women during the pregnancy which is different than other lower back pain.  Hormonal changes, stress, weight gain are some of the causes of pain.

What is Pregnancy Lower Back Pain?

Lower backache during the pregnancy or prenatal period is called pregnancy lower back pain. Most pregnant women experience lower back pain which may be localized to the lower back only or it can radiate into the buttock, thigh, and legs too. Some time this radiating pain can mimic the sciatica symptoms too.

The lower back pain in pregnancy time may get worse with activity and it interferes with sleep too and this pain affects the life of women dramatically.

What are the Causes of  Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy ?

The growing of the during the pregnancy is the main cause of backache during this period.  The expanding uterus will have more weight and it shifts to your center of gravity causing the stretching and weakening of your abdominal muscles and muscle pain

Therefore there will be changes in the overall posture of your body and put a strain on the back. Due to these most pregnant women experience more pregnancy lower back pain at the end of the day due to more stretching.

Besides, there are lots of factors that cause back pain in pregnancy too.  Some common causes are hormonal and postural changes in this period too.


When  Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy Occurs Mostly?

Pregnancy Lower back pain is one of the most common problems mostly in later months which usually resolve after finishing the pregnancy period. The pain may occur in all trimesters of pregnancy. Pregnancy lower back pain generally starts from the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy time however some may experience this pain from the 4th week also

The intensity of pain is more in the later trimester mostly.


How long does lower back Pain Last?

Most of the lower back pain during the pregnancy will resolve after delivery but some may have back pain as a chronic disorder that can linger for months and months too.

If the woman has back pain before pregnancy, they are at higher risk of developing lower back pain during pregnancy.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Lower backache?

There are several ways to prevent lower back pain during this time which are pointed as follows

  • Pay attention to the posture and position during sitting, sleeping, and lifting things.
  • Can use heat or cold to soothe sore muscles
  • Use the soft pillow between the knees &  ankles when sleeping that will reduce the strain on the lower back
  • Stretch the lower back regularly. Do only soft and gentle exercise only
  • can use an extra-abdominal  or  back support
  • getting prenatal massages to relax tight muscles, improve range of motion, and relieve stress
  • get reduce stress by yourself or get relaxed
  • have enough sleep and rest
  • Left lateral sleep position ( safety position sleep )
  • wear the not flat but low-heel shoes
  • avoid standing for long periods
  • avoid lifting too much weight
  • practicing good posture

Tips to Reduce Back Pain during Pregnancy [Video ]

These are the cares to be taken for reducing the backache while you are pregnant. See the Youtube video to get tips


When to see a doctor for LBP during Pregnancy?

Women with back pain during pregnancy should be always aware. They should contact their related doctors for   healthcare providers if they have e following symptoms:

  • severe pain over back and abdomen
  • If the pain lasts more than two weeks
  • pain on urinating
  • Regular Cramps
  • Numbness and tingling sensation over the limbs
  • Pain with or without  vaginal bleeding
  • unwanted and irregular vaginal discharge
  •  fever

Conclusion :

Pregnant women need to always be alert for lower back pain. Consequence and tips should be kept in mind always. You can also do Back Pain Exercise but be aware on the pregnancy health








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