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How much is Risk of Omicron in Nepal

The risk of Omicron in Nepal is higher now as the world is at threat due to this highly mutant omicron variant with more than 20 mutants of coronavirus has alarmed once again.

After the confirmation of the new variant “Omicron corona virus” in Nepal, there is a lot of debate and analysis. People all over the world are still unaware that  How hard is it to spread fast?  and what are the COVID-19 Symptoms related to it? How much of this complicates matters is still under study.

risk of Omicron in Nepal corona virus in Nepal
risk of Omicron in Nepal corona virus in Nepal

As of last week till Friday, more than 90 people had been infected with Omicron in India that was found in Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh, according to the Indian Ministry of Health which has given an alert to the new variant threat for the corona virus in Nepal too. Recently 2 positive cases of  omicorn in nepal has been identified which has made more alert all over the nepal.

How is the risk of Omicron in Nepal?

India is near to Nepal and the fluctuations of Omicron infection are the main basis for the risk in Nepal due to its open border as well as a social relationship between the country

Omikron has been found in two people in Nepal. But if the number of infected people is increasing in Nepal, then if the infected people come to Nepal from the open border, there is a possibility that the infection will spread from there.

How much is Nepal in risk of Omicron?

contagious disease specialist Dr. Sher Bahadur Pun Nepal has told that ” Considering the spread of Omicron infection in India as the main basis, l also says that it is at high risk”  He enforced and estimates that it is more likely to be infected from India than from the spread of Omicron within Nepal.

He added, “Due to the open border with India, Corona had caused problems in the first and second waves. Even now, as Omicron seems to be spreading in India, Nepal is also at high risk. We need to be alert in taking all healthy measures ”

The study by the University of Hong Kong found that omicron spreads 70 times faster than a delta variant, but not so much as deadly. That is, the Omicron coronavirus has less effect on the lungs as compared to the Delta variant.  Due to this, even if the omicron spreads rapidly in the community, there is a lesser risk of causing serious problems. However, studies are going on on this variant.

corona virus symptoms and omicron symptoms
Need to be alert on corona virus symptoms and omicron symptoms

Dr pun said, “My guess is that if the vaccine could be made accessible to all in Nepal and the public health standards were followed, the dire situation seen in the second wave would not happen now Because many people in the second wave were not vaccinated. There was no prior preparation. There was no experience.”

Does the existing vaccine work for the Omicron variant?

Many vaccine scientists have been saying that vaccines may not completely work on the Omicron variant due to its dynamic mutations. there is some reduction ineffectiveness of the vaccine that just because a virus is mutated  Right now it’s not wise t and easy to guess about Omicron right now.

While experts say that Nepal is at risk of Omicron, the Ministry of Health and Population says that it is not at risk right now. But if the spread of Omicron is increasing in India, Nepal will also be at risk, says Dr. Sangeeta Mishra, spokesperson of the ministry.

She also considers the coronavirus in Nepal is also influenced by the fluctuations of the infected in India as its main basis and “Whatever the variant of the virus, access to vaccines should be increased and public health standards should be strictly adhered to”

Prevention of Omicron in Nepal?

Corona testing was being carried out at the Tribhuvan International Airport and adding surveillance and gene sequencing in different places in the open border with India in order to prevent the spread of the infection by the Nepal government.

Looking at the experience of the past two waves, experts say the ministry’s preparations are not enough stil to control corona virus in Nepal

l.  and the infection of Omicron in Nepal could spread rapidly and necessary steps are to be taken rapidly.

How many are vaccinated for the corona virus in Nepal?

So far, 39.2 percent of the total population in Nepal has been vaccinated and 31.4 percent have been fully vaccinated for the corona virus in Nepal.

However, the Nepal government is working on its full effort for the 100% vaccination to its people.  As far extent the vaccination will prevent the infection of omicron in Nepal, till studies are going on.



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