The need of ICU Trained Nurses at Home in Pakistan

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ICU Trained Nurses at Home are especially needed for people with critical and chronic diseases people care at home for immediate and good services to support life easily and smoothly

A person who suffers from some kind of life-threatening illness or medical condition requires intensive medical care. The conditions that require intensive care can vary from critical injuries to chronic diseases such as Lung or Heart cancer. These patients require 24-hour medical care and attention by specialized professionals.

However, with the everyday rise in the number of patients that require intensive care, it gets troublesome for doctors and professionals to provide attention to all the patients separately, especially in Pakistan. This can result in unintentional neglect of the patient’s condition which in turn could cause complications.

Considering these complications different companies started offering an at-home service of ICU trained nurses in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and other regions of Pakistan. But this initiative created a new reason of concern for the clients.

No one can ever be comfortable with leaving their loved ones in a critical condition with a complete stranger. This is why, most people avoid the idea of letting a home-based ICU-trained nurse in their houses. However, many renowned companies now offer authentic and professional service to at-home ICU-trained Nurses in Pakistan.

“Holistic Healthcare Services” has started providing 24-hour ICU trained Nurses in Islamabad and other major cities. Their service is authentic and trustworthy since all the progress reports and activities of the client are conveyed directly to the respective managers on a daily basis.

This helps in maintaining a sense of trust between the client and the company as the nurses are answerable for each of their actions.

When Can You Require the Assistance of an ICU trained Nurse?

What makes ICU trained nurses unique is that they have specialized in many fields and areas of healthcare. A person suffering from any life-threatening condition could require intensive care at any point in their life.

Intensive care can also be vital in order to recover from a critical injury or surgery. Some of the conditions and diseases that require intensive care are:

  • Any type of accident, such as a road accident or falling from a top building.
  • Severe head injury or various degree burns.
  • Any drastic illness or a medical condition such as heart attack, stroke or organ failure.
  • Particular infections such as pneumonia, sepsis, urinary tract infection
  • Any neurological, genetic or Endocrinology diseases.
  • Paraplegia/ Quadriplegia.

Services provided by an ICU trained nurse:

Intensive care patients require a very thorough and delicate treatment. ICU trained nurses have to work round the clock in order to maintain the condition of their patients. They also have to keep a track of their patient’s progress and pay attention to every minor detail in order to avoid casualties.

They also treat and care for wounds to prevent various types of infections. Moreover, they provide nutrition for critically ill patients. ICU trained nurses have expertise in handling and managing IV lines.

They provide ventilator care for patients that include maintenance of ventilator equipment and its provision. In the same way in the pandemic time, they can also provide a correct way of using the Mask. Furthermore, they also provide services such as mobilization therapy and pressure area care.

Qualities of an ICU trained Nurse:

ICU trained nurses are usually very persistent and determined. Their main job is to help save the lives of people and they take it very seriously. They are compassionate and provide a friendly environment for their patients to recover in. Their attentiveness and fortitude help them accelerate their patient’s recovery.

However, at-home ICU trained nurses have more responsibilities and standards to achieve. They work ceaselessly day and night to achieve maximum recovery results from their patients.

Advantages of At-Home ICU trained nurses:

The progress rate of patients that are treated in their own houses is relatively higher than those in hospitals. This happens because it is difficult for a person to have a personal medical attendant or doctor 24-hours a day. In hospitals, the doctors have a lot of patients to attend which does not assure proper attention to any patient separately.

Moreover, a patient’s recovery in their own house is faster because of the emotional and psychological concerns of the patient. The love and warmth of the patient’s close relatives and friends have a great impact on the progress rate.

Furthermore, At-home ICU service has proved to be economically cheaper than hospital-based ICU care as an at-home ICU service eliminates the expenditure of excessive trips to the hospital.




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